Thy Border's Keeper

"Thy Border's Keeper", is the story of Israel, the Nation and the State, that serves throughout history as the moral leader and guardian of what is known today as "the West" - the western monotheistic civilization.  This is a story of thousands of years, in which, time after time, the Jewish People not only overcame national disasters and tragedies that demolished other nations - but also found within itself the strength to share its blessings and abilities with others.

"Thy Border's Keeper"

Ambassador Ran E. Ichay is a retired senior diplomat of the Israeli foreign service.  He served as a diplomat in the embassy of Israel in Brussels, as a senior advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his term in the Foreign and Finance Ministries and as his country's ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan.  In 2010 he was appointed Police boarder guard, as a flight-observer lieutenant.

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